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Your donations help us provide care for these bunnies until their forever families come for them.

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We are fundraising to provide education and resources for bunnies across California

Our story began in Fresno county in April 2021, in order to meet the absence of rabbit resources for a 340-mile radius. Many rescues outside of our county had closed intakes due to being at capacity.

Since then, we have been able to save over 100 bunny lives and adopt out more than 75 to forever loving homes. We educate on rabbit care and are a resource to any bunny parents who need a consultant.

We keep our rescue small in order to provide the highest level of care (which includes vaccination, spay/neuter, and medical issues). The intimate setting of our rescue allows us to familiarize ourselves with each rabbit to ideally ensure a personality match to potential adopters based on their home and family environment.

While we have made great strides, The Bunny Trail Rabbit Rescue still has a lot to accomplish.